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Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:36 am
Smallwood's Pianoforte Tutor by William Smallwood in PDF

I know many pianist or organist as come across this piano book and as impart many people in learning how to play piano or keyboard.
This music book teach you from basic and introduce you to minor and major scales with complimentary music exercise and also uses of appropriate scale progression.

The funniest thing about this book is somehow scarce in book shop and also costly, The book is selling for $9.25 online. You can check amazon to confirm the price but am giving you for free to download smallwood piano tutor music book. Still using this medium to remember one of my mentor & a brother, which is late now, Femi Faroore, May His soul rest in peace.

You can download the music book here: smallwood's pianoforte tutor